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2011-06-13 Our next project Indoor Shuttle Court. The proposal and the drawing are accepted by the Committee..


Evolution of the club

The very idea of establishing an exclusive club for graduate engineers was mooted during a meeting of CETA Cochin during the year 1997. It was decided to purchase an own land and put up building. In the beginning stage M/s K.A.Joseph, Rejith, E.V Ramachandran, Antony, S.Balasubramonian, Alex where the members who came forward to identify the land and decided a program for implementing the project.

Accordingly identified the land at Chakkaraparambu near Vennala, about 65 cent of land in the heart of the city. The advance of Rs.1 lakh was made from CETA fund. The balance amount in installments while paid with the help of K.A.Joseph, K. Antony, E.V.Ramachandran, Rejith and so on. The support of the members enrolled during that period, even without a small piece of land made the dream to a reality. All those members who have contributed in the form of membership fee and by other means were named us founder members of the club. Immediately after the purchase of land construction of new building was proposed and membership was expanded slowly and steadily. The strength of the members and the dedicated service extended by Architect Ramachandran culminated in establishing the first building of the club which contains conference hall, canteen, recreation facility, office facility etc.

As and when the proposal to construct a gust house with large conference hall training centre recreation facility, library and small gymnasium was considered, the second phase of expansion was started. The membership growth made the dream possible and we could complete a multistoried building on an approximate expenditure of Rs.1 Crore during the year 2010. Again Architect Ramachandran made another contribution of his service. At present we have a strength of 550 members in the list includes members from Middile East, UK & US. Now we have inbuilt facility to venture in any kind of activity connected with Engineering.

Corporate Membership

It is decided to extend corporate membership to “Professional Organization”. Member Organization can depute 3 officials to the club and also can use the facilities available in the club. The details can be had from the office. The initial fee fixed is Rs. 2/- Lakhs plus tax.

Members to be remembered ever:

  • Er. E.V.Ramachandran
  • K.A. Joseph
  • D. Rejith
  • K.A.Antony
  • Alex
  • Stanely George
  • Arch. Ramachandran
  • S. Balasubramanian

And so on who have taken leading steps in purchasing the land by contributing money. And of course CETAA Cochin who paid the advance amount of Rs. 1/- lakh when the percent cost of land was Rs.35000/-.