Welcome to EcTS India.

Engineers club Technical Services (EcTS) is an initiative of the Engineers Club Kochi to gainfully utilize the proven expertise of more than 700 engineer members of the club, and discharge the social responsibility tapping this pool of knowledge.

More about Engineers Club

Functional control of EcTS

Though under the auspices of the Engineers Club Kochi (ECK), EcTS shall have separate bye-law, functional procedures with all autonomy to carry out its functions and complete the assignments Only the administrative control of EcTS will be with ECK

Where EcTS can help?

•Technical audit of Industrial units
•Performance evaluation of nterprises
•Arbitration of contracts
•Preparation/Evaluation of tenders.
•Taking over/handing over formalities   Due diligence except those of legal   matters.
•Root cause analysis
•Public Interest Litigation.
•Recommendations to Civic bodies on   public utility services.
•Assist in implementation of CSR

Strategies for Implementation

General Council (GC) is the apex body of EcTS. The project/assignment accepted, will be executed by a Project Team constituted specifically for this task, from among the expert members. Regular, Structured monitoring of the progress will be done by GC to ensure timely completion.

General Council

Doyens’ Gallery

Doyens' Gallery

........... Chairman, Kitco
............. Chairman, Nest

We have the blessings of these Doyens and they would intervene and direct EcTS, if need be to ensure excellent quality of service with no cost and time overrun.